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All things I find beautiful, strange & funny.


by unitedthread

want as  tattoos!!

Dude. I need this



Mini paintings on cedar by Cathy McMurray on Etsy


Js before Baes


So punny.





Members of Congress are living off food stamps for a week to protest Republican cuts. It’s a challenge for them, but GOP cuts would hurt millions of everyday Americans

Why does this not have more publicity. This needs it!

I want a reality tv show where politicians have to live in poverty for a month. They have to live in Government housing, shop with food stamps, and get only a limited amount of money for clothes. Because here, they still have all their trappings, lilke nice cars and thousand dollar suits. I want them in Walmart jeans trying to determine if they can afford a carton of milk. 

If we had that, just watch how quickly things would change

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